Six good news stories that are bursting with loveliness.

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Here’s our pick of the good stories of the week.

A Florida firefighter saves beloved pet guinea pig from a house fire, melts hearts all around the world.

It’s not just cats up trees that get saved. This week a Florida firey came to the rescue of Rodney, a guinea pig, hailing the internet’s first photo of a guinea pig in an oxygen mask.

When Kristi Waller’s home caught fire while she was out with her daughters, it was Polk County Fire Rescue who came to the aid, improvising by using a oxygen mask for dogs to help tiny Rodney regain regular breathing.

Zoo grants grandma’s wish to be a Zookeeper for a day.

90-year-old Mary had always dreamed of being a zookeeper. And so the staff at the old persons home where she resides, decided to team s decided to team up with the zoo to recruit her as an official zookeeper for a day.

Mary made the food for Polk the Porcupine and Rosetta the Armadillo, weighed exotic animals like Lancelot the Bearded Dragon, and rubbed mineral oil on Shiloh the Tortoise. The zoo staff even gave her parting gifts and cards to thank her for helping out. This was one very cool wish to be ticked off her bucket list.

Sesame Street introduces a new Muppet, and we love her hard already.

TV-land is becoming more diverse and inclusive, as Monique Bowley reports this week on the Mamamia Out Loud Podcast. (post continues after audio)

Two nursing home residents can Whip and Nae-Nae better than most people in our office.

Two elderly ladies from an assisted living centre in Somerby, Georgia, prove that age ain’t no-thang when it comes to getting down.

Staff at the centre caught these two seniors doing the ‘whip’ and ‘nae nae,’ a hip-hop dance craze that came to popularity in the past year, and posted the video to their Facebook page. It’s racked up more than 26 million views so far, as well as thousands of comments of support and positivity. #swag.

Inky the Octopus channels his inner Braveheart and escapes from a New Zealand Aquarium.

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Free Inky. (Image via iStock)

In what appears to be the greatest escape by a sea creature since Finding Nemo, an octopus from a New Zealand Aquarium has made his way from his tank and into the sea, toward sweet sweet freedom.

After busting through a gap in his enclosure, Inky the Octopus – who is about the size of a soccer ball – appeared to have quietly slid across the floor, undetected, and down a drainpipe that led straight to the big wide ocean, only leaving trail marks behind.

We hope the ocean treats you well, little fella.

A Melbourne Man is crowdfunding for a bus that will shelter the homeless

Melbourne entrepreneur and chef Simon Rowe is the founder of the SleepBus – a giant blue bus with sleeping pods for individuals and families that he hopes will provide people sleeping “rough”, a safe overnight place to sleep. He says a good nights sleep can do wonders for a persons physical and mental health. "Just being able to sleep through the night, warm and safe can give a person a whole new outlook on life." You go, Simon Rowe. His crowd funding page is here.

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