Monique Bowley presents: The Red Show (whether you like it or not).

Thanks to our brand partner, Nescafé

In an office full of writers with diverse opinions and experiences, there’s one thing we can all agree on: coffee.

Being nestled in the heart of Surry Hills – Sydney’s hipster paradise – inundated with an abundance of specialist roasters around every corner, we find ourselves in the heartland of caffeine addiction.

By the end of the month, we’re turning out pockets inside out, simultaneously trying to fund our next hit while struggling to hold onto our last few shreds of financial dignity.

Clearly, the need for a caffeine IV in the office is real. Ideally one that is covered by Medicare.

Enter NESCAFÉ RED MUG, the coffee machine that makes café-style coffee using NESCAFÉ BLEND 43. It provides all the goodness of coffee in a setting that is far more comfortable.

Mons’ Red Show is here to show us just how quick and easy it is to use, and how badly our office needs one, as it seems like none of us had had our morning coffees at the time of filming.

How do you make coffee at home or work?