What just happened to Instagram and Facebook?

It was almost a social media Armageddon…

The two sites, owned by the same parent company and relying on the same servers, went down for approximately 48 minutes this afternoon.


The outage reportedly affected the United States, Asia and Australia. Many people felt genuinely anxious about their inability to stalk ex-boyfriends and poke people, and bought cheap tickets to Europe.

Instagram and Facebook both tweeted to confirm that the issue was at their end and not ours (although we did momentarily try and blame the Abbott Government for cancelling the NBN roll out).

An alleged cyber attack may have been behind the blackout, Daily Mail Australia reports.

Online group Lizard Squad have claimed responsibility for the “hack” which knocked out the two sites but Facebook have refused to confirm what (or who) was at fault.

Let it be a reminder to us all…

It’s never too late to go outside. Read a book. Shave your legs. Call your mum. Cook some scones.

Smell some non-emoticon roses.

Or dance:

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