"The sound of typing and... breathing." What we've all forgotten about going back to the office.

The time has finally come. 

After what feels like an eternity working from home, many of us have started venturing out of our caves and back into the world of office small talk and in-person meetings. 

That's right, Australia is slowly getting back to work. 

In fact, Sydney’s CBD is reportedly now back at 65 per cent of its pre-COVID capacity, while Melbourne is moving quickly towards a 75 per cent plan. Brisbane has also been back for a while. 

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Of course, not everyone has the privilege of being able to return to the office, or even to their job at all. 

But for those of us who are fortunate enough to return to work, we've had to re-learn a few things about working from the office. Namely, that pyjamas are no longer an acceptable form of attire and brushing your hair is a thing we have to do now. 

Here at Mamamia there's also been a few things we've come to notice after returning to the office. 

For instance, as Holly Wainwright, Mia Freedman and Clare Stephens discussed on Mamamia Out Loudit's "not acceptable to bring your laptop to the toilet" or come to work with wet hair.   

But there are also some major benefits that come with being back in the office and reuniting with your coworkers.

"There have been parts of casual interactions with people that I've found joyous," Mia said in the podcast. 

"The office is the extent of my social life, I'm either at home with my family doing a puzzle or I'm in the office. So I love catching up with people in the kitchen now. I've rediscovered that I love small talk and I used to really hate it but now it's all I got."


As the Mamamia team continue to return to work, we decided to ask our co-workers what little things they forgot about working in the office.

Here's what they had to say.

The office aircon has one setting: freezing. 


"Even if its 30 degrees outside, inside an office it is Antarctica." - Chelsea. 

"How much air con dries out your skin/hair/eyes. - Emma.

Having to actually dress ourselves again.


"Brushing my hair. On a video call you can get away with it, in person not so much."- Emmeline.

"Also forgot how to wear any type of heel, after coming in last week I was crippled for a full day afterwards." - Claire.

Packed lunches just aren't the same. 


"How crappy pre-prepared food is compared to fresh." - Gia.

"It's a bit weird if people see you eating lunch at 12pm and then again at 1pm." - Emily.

Holly, Mia and Clare discuss all the things we forgot about going back into the office on Mamamia Out Loud. Post continues after podcast.

The sound of other... humans. 


"The sound of typing and... breathing." - Keryn. 

"I've definitely forgotten how to write or edit in anything other than complete silence." - Polly.

Commuting to the office is way more tiring when you're not just walking from your bed to your desk. 


"Commuting to and from the office is tiring." - Leah.

"How much extra money you end up spending (well for me personally)... commuting, morning coffee, lunch, arvo coffee, treats, after work vinos." - Talia.

Getting to catch up with your co-workers again. 


"I forgot how fun it is to have a laugh about random things with colleagues." - Claire.

"How nice it is to have small talk in the kitchen or common areas and how much better it is when discussing TV, movies and news in person in person." - Nicole.

Have you gone back into the office? What were some of the things you forgot? Let us know in the comments below. 

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