The Gogglebox cast had the best reactions to the Real Housewives discussing... anal sex.

Sometimes, watching the Gogglebox cast react to a show can far outweigh the experience of actually watching the show in the first place.

And by sometimes, I mean always.

Wednesday night was no exception, with the cast watching the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Sydney in what can only be described as a state of utter shock. 

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These are average (albeit amazing) Australians. In average loungerooms. With average dinners and average levels of drama in their lives. And without warning, they found themselves witnessing a group of grown women descend into a fight, which culminated with Lisa Oldfield telling Krissy Marsh very matter-of-factly, “I try and get to know you and all you do is act like a slut.”

That’s just… not something one woman can say to another. On prime time TV.

The scene, which starts with the women looking at a piece of art, takes a turn when Marsh says she has “goosebumps” in response to her friend’s painting. Then Oldfield, seemingly out of nowhere, says “I get why you have goosebumps, because you’re always talking about like the big cocks you’ve sucked…”

The Gogglebox reactions went something like this:

No.. what?
... What are we watching?

As Oldfield continues on her tirade, describing how Marsh likes "a bit of anal," and telling the cameras she's "a whore, she's a slut, she's a tart, she's a mole..." the reactions become even more extreme.

Lee asks the valid question, "did we miss something?"while Di says, "am I hearing correctly?"

Unfortunately yes, Di, you are.

Adam and Symon can only look at each other - speechless.

What is this.

When Oldfield actually pushes another housewife - Matty - Wayne can hardly believe it. But as always, it's Anastasia whose wisdom resonates when she says, "aren't they embarrassed that everyone's looking at them?" Faye agrees, and comments, "I'm embarrassed sitting here in the loungeroom."

So are we, Faye. So are we.

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