The Gogglebox verdict on Kiss Bang Love is in.

Having made its television debut on Tuesday night, Channel Seven’s new reality show Kiss Bang Love has been making waves. So the real question now is obviously, what do the Logie award-winning Gogglebox viewers make of it all?

Quite a lot, apparently.

Faye and Anastasia – the greatest female duo to grace our screens since Patsy and Eddy – think it’s pretty good.

Assessing kiss queen of the night, Lisa, Anastasia spoke for the nation when she asked, “How can she not get men, look at her body! I’m fatter than you and I can get men!”

But then her attention was quickly diverted to Josh the deep v loving fireman.

“Oh yeah baby, come here baby, I’ll give you a kiss baby,” the George Clooney lover continued.

Faye (right) and Anastasia (left) are very into the show's concept. Source: Channel 10.

Uni student Symon is more concerned about health, "Imagine if one of them had a big herpe," whereas the families watching together just find it altogether awkward.

By the time Ryan the plumber arrives on screens the Goggleboxers are well and truly invested in the show, with fan-of-a-cocktail-or-two Wayne announcing, "we've got a leaky tap".

Hubba hubba, it's Ryan the plumber. Source: Channel 7. 

Which is where Anastasia comes back in screaming, "COME AND UNBLOCK ME," to the screen. Graphic. So graphic.

By this point, there's one couple who have had quite enough of all of this mystery tongue hockey.


"She's just a bloody kissing hooker!" Di says with the disgust of someone who's just been offered kombucha in lieu of an actual drink.

Di is like, "get a dental dam, woman." Source: Channel 10. 

By the time the date rolls around, it's evident that Goggler Angie thinks Jaxon the tradie turned magician is a bit hilarious, but that the show might actually be altogether improper.

“She loves his little dirty magician kisses,” Angie comments to Yvie before saying, "No wonder she can’t find love if she’s just throwin’ her fairy out to any old magician.”

We've never heard it referred to as a "fairy" before, and to be honest, we hope it doesn't stick. Sorry Angie.

Remember when Gogglebox was a baby? Post continues... 

Video via Gogglebox

Just like that, hot-bod (but oh, so dumb) plumber Ryan is back, asking questions like, 'where is Noosa?' and 'how do you use chopsticks?'

It's at this point that Gogglebox's MVP Anastasia returns, saying that she's realised she's on the wrong show and wants to be on Kiss Bang Love instead.

While Yvie deems the show horrible and vows never to watch it again, flat mate Angie says that she's going back for more because she's "a sicko."

At least she knows herself.

Sadly, it's the last episode of Googglebox for the season, but with a Logie under their belt, we've got a feeling they'll be back before we know it.

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