The Goggleboxers reacted to Bachelor Richie choosing Alex over Nikki. They were not at all kind.

When Richie Strahan chose Alex Nation over Nikki Gogan to ride off into the sunset with in The Bachelor finale last week, it’s safe to say many Australian viewers were shocked.

And the Goggleboxers were no different.

The Gogglebox families didn’t hold back in their reaction to the news, with shouts of ‘oh no’ the most common response.

Ahead of the big reveal, the families were sure Nikki was going to win. Just like 99.9% of Australia.

Goggleboxers found it as hard to watch as we did. (Image via Channel 10.)

"She lives an hour away, she's gorgeous, she was the first one to say I love you, she was the first one to get a rose. Put your house on it mate," Adam said to Symon.

They had already begun sympathising with Alex.

"Poor Alex, I feel bad for her. She's going to be rejected in front of the whole country," Adam commented.

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All the Goggleboxers knew the drill, the first person out of the car is the runner-up - or as Zina puts it "the loser" - so when the foot that slipped out of the limo was revealed to be Nikki's the Goggleboxers were not happy.


"Turn off the TV," Adam said, falling to his knees, while Symon actually flipped a table in response to the news.

Zina's reaction is one of disbelief: "What is happening?"

"You idiot!" Anastasia screeched. Later screaming at at the TV: "Big, big mistake! Huge mistake - like LIFE huge mistake."

While Richie told Alex she's the one, Adam, on the floor at that point, was clearly devastated.

"I really want to be happy for them both - but I'm not."

Anastasia was not happy (Image via Channel 10.)

And then things just got mean.

"Did he get them mixed up?" Zina said.

"You're the one... that I want to spend the next six months with," Anastasia mocked.

Yep, that mixture of emotions pretty much was the rest of Australia's reaction, but like we all did, the Goggleboxers will get over it.

Symon seemed to have already: "Bring on the Bachelorette!"