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While Isabelle Silbery made us laugh on Gogglebox, she was fighting a private battle.

Every week, thousands of Australians watch Isabelle Silbery watch TV.

The 33-year-old appears on Gogglebox alongside her mother, Kerry, and her grandmother, Emmie.

But while she’s been making us laugh on the telly, Isabelle has been fighting some private battles off screen.

In 2017, Isabelle separated from her husband of five years, Craig. The couple share a son together.

“I became separated while we were filming the show a few years ago,” she told Mamamia. “That was a hurdle to deal with while still being on the show, having that big transition and now I’m a single mum to my son.”

“I’ve spent the last few years rebuilding my own life,” she said.

Isabelle explained while it was a difficult period in her life, spending time on the couch with Kerry and Emmie made it so much easier.

“It was difficult but mum and Em just completely held me,” she said. “All three of us have been through a similar situation and they were just my biggest support.”

“They were just amazing and I couldn’t have done it without them.

“I’m so glad that I was on the couch every night with them filming, because they’re the closest people to me.”

But just as she had rebuilt her life, Isabelle was faced with another challenge. After the mum-of-one presented to her doctor with some worrying symptoms, she found out she had two high-grade cancer polyps on her bowel.


“I had a bit of a hiccup about eight months ago. I just had some physical symptoms where I thought ‘No, something’s not right here with my body’,” the youth mentor explained.

“I’m quite an open person. I’ll talk to people about my toilet habits or my body – I’m not embarrassed about things like that. I think that’s been a win for me because I was able to talk to my doctor quite openly about it, and got it checked immediately,” she said.

“I had cancer cut out of me. And it was quite a shock to have those conversations with doctors at my age.”

The three generations of Silbery women are back on the couch for the new season of Gogglebox, which premiered on Foxtel and Channel 10 this week.

Joining the cast this year are brother and sister Tim and Leanne, who live in Melbourne.

The pair, described as “two peas in a pod”, blog together, eat together, drink together and now, critique television together for our viewing pleasure.

“Of Malaysian heritage, Tim was born in Penang but moved to Melbourne with his family when he was nine years old, and two years later Leanne was born,” a statement said.

“Family is incredibly important to both of them and since Tim came out, Leanne has been a huge support mechanism for him and a big advocate for LGBTQI rights.”

Tim works as a retail technology consultant and Leanne is an operations manager in a factory and when it comes to TV, both love a cooking show.

You can catch up on this week’s episode on Foxtel Now or TenPlay. The second episode will air first on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel on Wednesday, February 13 at 7.30pm and the following day, Thursday February 15, at 8.30pm on Channel 10.