This person thinks they filmed a goblin baby.

It is DEFINITELY a goblin baby. Probably. Maybe

When the Internet is not bringing us pictures of cats, rants on Facebook and viral meltdowns it is bringing us videos of paranormal activity.

Thankfully we never have to wait long between fixes, and this week we have been treated to a video of a GOBLIN BABY.

What is a goblin baby? In this case, it’s a small goblin figure that appears in the background of a video featuring a small boy.

The goblin runs across screen and hides under the cupboard before disappearing into the garden.

Watch for yourself (post continues after video)

Video via Silvia

According to the Daily Mail, the video was taken by a woman named Silvia in Argentina who filmed her two-year-old child after he began talking to something in his room.

The creature was said to have left a terrible smell and a yellow liquid on the ground. As goblin babies do.

Goblin baby
The terrifying goblin baby. Source: Youtube

According to sceptics however, this is just an another example of CGI imagery.

We tend to the agree the likelihood of a goblin baby carelessly running around and showing its face in BROAD DAYLIGHT is not high. But there is still a part of us that really wants to believe.

You keep going you fast-moving goblin baby.

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