Forget contouring - celebrity makeup artists say 'Glossing' is the hottest makeup trend.

If you’d just started to get the hang of this contouring business (along with the rest of us), I’m about to ruin your day. Really, I’m very sorry.

Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, the person largely responsible for bringing contouring into the mainstream for his looks on the Kardashians, has heralded the end of the sharp cheeked, face-shape-changing craze.

Yes, contouring is officially dead.

In its place is the latest, hottest trend to spend hours pouring over YouTube makeup tutorials to try and master – ‘Glossing’.

“Glossy is the new look. Glossy skin, lids and lips. Apply petroleum or glycerin like products onto lids, cheeks and lips for the most gorgeous glow without powdery texture,” Dedivanovic told Femail.

Turns out gloss isn’t just for lips – it’s much more versatile than that. A favourite of noughties popstars and editorial shoots, 2017’s glossing is just as shiny and can be worn as bold or as pared back as you like.


The result is a shine without the need for shimmer or glitter and a much more intense effect than any powder highlighter.

The new and improved formulas of the products also mean you won’t have to put up with the downsides of traditional gloss such as constantly getting your hair/clothes/the world sticking to your face.

Dab your gloss on your lips, eyelids, above your cheekbones and on your cupid’s bow. You can use special face gloss products or just use your favourite gloss (like MAC’s Gloss Lipmix, $29) or even the ever-so-handy Vaseline, $4.49 all over.

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According to Dedivanovic, the move away from contouring is thanks to a return of the natural look – and once again, you can look to Kim Kardashian for championing the new look.


“Working with a lighter hand and holding back is the key. Use lighter products like tinted moisturiser instead of foundation and a bit of loose powder instead of pressed, as well as brown liner rather then black,” he said.

And if you’d still like to exercise your hard-earned contour skills, he advises using a couple of lighter shades to create a natural contour.

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“Add a bit to the lids too for a quick and natural look,” he said.

To soften the blow a bit more, it’s probably also worth noting that while contouring has been a major ‘trend’ in Instagram and social media-led makeup, it’s actually more of a technique, long used by drag queens to change the shape of their face.

So continue on contouring to your heart’s desire – or make the most of the 15 minutes you’ll know save in your makeup routine.