15 ways to wear glitter we'd never even thought of

 Images via Pinterest

As the product of choice among 5-year-old Disney princess fanatics and Rock Eisteddfod performers, glitter’s target market definitely skews toward the 4-12 age bracket. Which is really quite unfair for those of us who are well into our ‘adult’ years and are yet to outgrow our fascination with the sparkly stuff.

Unless you’re a professional dancer or music festival correspondent, wearing glitter in any way as a grown-up seems like it just can’t work. But it is possible – and there are more ways to do it than you could ever have imagined. In other words, smooshing a handful of glitter on your face Kesha-style isn’t your only option.

Here are 15 Pinterest-approved ways to incorporate glitter into your beauty routine.

What’s your favourite way to wear glitter?

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