Glitter donuts are here, and who cares how they taste.

Question: What’s better than a donut? Answer: A donut covered in glitter, apparently.

While we didn’t think eating glitter was healthy for anyone other than unicorns and fairies, we’ve once again been proven wrong. Glitter donuts are officially a thing.

Instagram is currently packed with photos of donuts covered in the sparkly stuff, and while it goes against everything our mothers taught us about eating glitter, we’re just going to assume this is the edible kind.

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Plus, when they look this pretty, who cares, right?

But if you’re still not convinced about eating them (and to be fair, we don’t really blame you), at least they’re pretty to look at.

While some cake shops are starting to sell them in-store, these appear to be more ‘special occasion donuts’, with people generally busting them out at birthday parties and weddings.

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But if you don’t want to wait for a special occasion – because, hey, life’s short, eat the damn donut – the internet is packed with DIY recipes to make your own sparkly snack.

If wanting these is wrong, we do-nut want to be right. Haha, get it? Okay, we’ll stop now.