After his package was stolen, Mark made a glitter fart bomb, because "vigilante justice".

When a thief stole, Mark Rober’s Amazon package, he decided to get even.

The Youtube-famous engineer noticed the online retail giant had marked his delivery as ‘completed’ but with no package to be found, he soon discovered footage of the two assailants who stole his mail.

However, taking the evidence of the theft in action, the police claimed it “wasn’t worth their time to look into,” so he spent the next six months designing an intricate contraption that would get him the “vigilante justice” he so craved. He shared the finished result with the internet, in a now viral video which has accumulated 30 million plus views and counting

Coming up with a ingeniously concealed contraption, Rober created a machine that would, upon opening, disperse a pound (453 grams) of the “world’s finest glitter,” along with multiple potent spritzes of fart spray. His device was conveniently hidden in an Apple HomePod kit with a built-in GPS tracker and a four-phone camera so he could catch the thief red-handed in the act.

Glitter bomb package thief
So unassuming on the outside, an utter pain in the butt on the inside. Image: Youtube (Mark Rober).
Glitter bomb package thief
The cameras which are poised to capture the assailant's every move. Image: Youtube (Mark Rober).

We should also mention that Rober's previous engineering credentials also involve a nine-year stint working on NASA's Curiosity Rover, so in other words, he was very well qualified.

Adding flair to his work, he finished his package with a thin-veil of shrink wrap (for reality) and a delivery label which paid homage to his "childhood hero" Kevin McCallister in the 1990 film Home Alone.

Glitter bomb package thief
Genius. Image: Youtube (Mark Rober).

"If the thief wasn't in such a hurry, they'd see the package is actually coming from my childhood hero and inspiration for this project Kevin McCallister," says Rober, who even looked up the exact street address of the actual North Chicago house they used for filming.

Naturally the shipping address was to 'Harry and Marv,' the film's two burglar antagonists.

Watch the glitter fart bomb in action here:

Video by Credit: Mark Rober

Leaving the unassuming gift on his porch, the rest of the video featured his many unsuspecting victims opening the glitter-filled, fart-spray-containing abomination to hilarious results. Rober even shared the love and loaned out his invention to his friends who were also experiencing similar package thief issues.

And justice was served each and every time.

Concluding his genius experiment, Rober had this to say about these thoughts:

"So the moral of the story is just don't take other people's stuff. Not only is it not cool, you'll also never find yourself in this situation," he says to the camera, and we couldn't agree more.

This is how the people of the internet reacted:




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