Glennon Doyle: "This is what everyday resistance to patriarchy looks like."

No one likes going to the doctor. No one.

From stepping on the scales to having a stranger inspect your lady bits, going to the doctor is a dreaded errand that’s usually put off, until it can no longer be put off.

But going to the doctor is, of course, a place where we should all feel comfortable, with no judgement.


Well, as if 2017 hasn’t already proved enough that sexism against women is well and truly alive, a recent trip to the doctors by Glennon Doyle, made her so infuriated about the sexist advertisement on the wall, she cancelled her appointment while in the waiting foyer, and left.

“At OBGYN for annual exam,” Glennon sent in a text, which she later shared with her 298,000 followers.

“Just made an announcement in front of a full waiting room saying I wasn’t going into my appointment and demanding my medical records to take a new practice because how absurdly offensive (dangerous) it is to have prenatal and postpartum women being assailed with this lose-belly-fat-quick scheme at their freaking doctor’s office.”


Glennon proceeded to tell the doctor, whom she was supposed to be seeing that day, why she will no longer be seeing this practice. The doctor’s response says it all: “I’ve never thought of that. I’ll take it down”.

Glennon says she replied: “That’s good. I’m still leaving your practice. It’s literally your job to think about that – it’s the ‘First do no harm’ part”.

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Because apparently, every woman over the age of 25 should be very concerned about their love handles (no men, yours aren’t a societal issue).

As Glennon Doyle said, “This is what everyday resistance to patriarchy looks like… It is not a woman’s job to become smaller and smaller.

“Our bodies are not an industry for our economy to cash in on. Medical community – remove the patriarchal poison from your offices and concentrate on decent health care.”

Thank you, Glennon Doyle, for showing us what it is to stand up to the sexist fat loss industry and proving that in our everyday lives we really can be making a difference.

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