Glenn McGrath and Sarah Leonardi have some very happy news.

After a vasectomy and two rounds of IVF, the cricketing great has wonderful news to share.

Australian cricket legend Glenn McGrath and his wife, Sara Leonardi, are expecting their first child together.

McGrath, 45, told the news to Australian Women’s Weekly.

“We’re adding to our family and we couldn’t be more delighted,” Glenn told the magazine.

Glenn and Sara, who have been married for five years, were never expecting to have this news after Glenn underwent a vasectomy in 2003. But the couple turned to IVF and, after two rounds, finally have the pregnancy they were hoping for.

glenn mcgrath having a baby
Glenn and his wife, Sara. Image via Getty.

Glenn’s children from his previous marriage to his late wife, Jane McGrath, who died of breast cancer in 2008, are apparently very excited about the tiny new addition to their family. Glenn was away on cricket tours during the early days of his two children, James, now 15, and Holly, now 13, so he’s vowing to be more “hands on” for this child.


“The kids are really excited,” Glenn said.

“James used to ask us on a regular basis whether we were going to give him a baby brother. To see both their faces when they learned the news. James jumped up and gave both of us a hug and kiss. And that was really special for me and I know it meant a lot to Sara.”

glenn mcgrath having a baby
“We’re adding to our family and we couldn’t be more delighted.” Image via Getty.

When asked by the magazine what Glenn thought Jane would think, he said she would be happy for him.

“I know she would want me to be happy and she’d want her children to be happy and they are,” Glenn said.

“I have never been one to live in the past. Sara and I are very happy together and the kids are two really happy, normal children and I think, at the end of the day, that’s really the true measure of what Sara and I have built together these last five years of marriage.”