Just eight of the craziest storylines from Glee that we can never, ever forget.

When Glee first dropped on free-to-air TV, it’s safe to say it was definitely up there with one of the more… quirky weeknight television offerings.

Sure, we were big fans of the singing, the celebrity guests and basically anything Jane Lynch did or said. But other than the fact that we could never really understand why they were forever rehearsing for “regionals” that never seemed to happen, some of the plot lines were just downright ridiculous and we really must discuss them before we revisit the show on Netflix.

Here are eight of the most truly insane Glee storylines from the early seasons that we strongly suspect were written while drunk, high, or the result of some sort of bizarre dream.

1. When Finn saw Jesus in a toastie but then someone ate it.

So this storyline followed Finn as he became a staunch Christian for an episode because his grilled cheese sandwich looked like it was burned with an image of Jesus Christ. But then someone ate the sandwich and he stopped believing. Yep. That was pretty much what viewers watched for 45 minutes.

There was also a point in the episode where the entire Glee club’s prayers came true after they sang ‘One Of Us’ by Joan Osborne.

Who bloody knows.

2. When Tina knocked her head and woke up as Rachel.

In season three, Tina falls into a fountain while texting and walking which is actually a real fear of ours.

When she wakes up after a nasty knock to the head, she starts to dress and act like Rachel.

But if that wasn’t out there enough for one episode, Rachel then starts to act and dress like Tina.

…Then Santana becomes Artie.

It all made literally no sense and only succeeded in making us very, very confused.

3. *That* shooting episode.

This one was definitely on the problematic side.

The school shooting scare took place in season four episode ‘Shooting Star’, released only four months after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

Basically, Becky brings a gun to school which accidentally goes off and sends the school into lockdown.

The school adds some metal detectors, which mysteriously disappear in later seasons, and the whole incident is never mentioned again.

Not only was the title of the episode a weirdly upbeat shooting pun, the entire episode was a bit of a… joke, and seemed fairly insensitive given its timing.

4. When Sue married herself.

I mean, most of us have thought about doing this before, right?

Yep. Image: Youtube.

The best part might have been the fact that she wore a wedding dress version of her signature navy Adidas tracksuit.


5. When Blaine thought everyone was a puppet.

Glee's 2013 Thanksgiving episode was basically just Blaine in a sweater vest surrounded by characters from the Muppets.

AKA the stuff of nightmares.

How did this come about?

Blaine is the sole victim of a gas leak that no one else is affected by for some reason, so he spends the entire episode believing that his classmates have been turned into Muppets that worshipped him.


6. When Quinn tried to frame Shelby for child cannibalism.

Quinn – who suffers from a severe case of postpartum depression after the season one birth of her child – is momentarily desperate get her baby back from its adoptive mother, Shelby Corcoran, who is also Rachel's biological mother.

So what does she do? Plants a book on how to cook and eat babies next to a bunch of knives for child services to find.

Seems legit.

7. When John Stamos gives the Glee club laughing gas and they all have Britney Spears hallucinations.

While the covers in this episode are bomb, the way they come about is… very strange.

Each Glee club member goes for a check-up with Emma’s dentist boyfriend and when he gives them each laughing gas, they all have a Britney Spears fantasy where they actually… become Britney Spears. When they come back to Glee club, they all talk about how the moment “changed their lives” because yep, that’ll do it.

It also features a cameo from the singer herself, so it is actually one of our favourite episodes.

8. When Quinn tried to convince her boyfriend she got pregnant through hot tub water.

There’s really not much more to say about this other than the fact that Finn almost believes her. How? Because it’s Glee and none of it makes any sense whatsoever.

But that’s kinda why we loved it, right?

You can now binge every single episode of Glee on Netflix Australia.