Thank you, Glassons, for making cool and affordable clothes I can wear in my 30s.


Let me premise this post by promising you that this is not a sponsored article – I’m just so stoked that I have found cool, on-trend clothes that are affordable and that I feel comfortable in in my mid 30s.

I’m currently 35, turning 36 next month, which only terrifies me slightly. As the years have ticked over in my 30s I’ve got more and more comfortable with getting older, which is good because there’s literally no turning back.

But one thing that grinds my gears is retailers seemingly thinking that women in their mid 30s want to drop wads of cash on clothes all of a sudden. I must’ve missed the memo that explained why there’s heaps of great affordable fashion for women in their 20s but when you get to your 30s and beyond you magically want to, and can afford to, spend $400+ on a coat and $200+ on a pair of pants.

That’s why I basically hugged the sales assistant when I wandered into my local Glassons last Spring. I hadn’t shopped at the New Zealand born chainstore since my early 20s and actually forgot it existed.

I was welcomed by walls of linen dresses that fell past the knee. Piles of denim shorts that actually covered my bum cheeks. Floating cotton shirts that paired perfectly over a one piece and made my sun-safe heart sing.

Sure, with a demographic of roughly 13-30, they also stock a lot of short skirts and crops, but I was so pleased to find flattering variations of all the seasons trends that were age appropriate for a woman like me.


So thank you, Glassons, for catering to my chubby knee complex and concealing my untoned biceps with cool clothes that oftentimes sees me get change from a $50.

Here’s a look at my fave stuff in store right now (yes I literally went to a store and took photos on my iPhone, so high-tech):


These linen pants are $49.95 and are the perfect amount of high-waisted to hide any tum issues.


I live in mom jeans because they are so versatile.  The mid to high waist holds everything in, if you know what I mean? These are called The Girlfriend Jean, which is a new take on the mom jean. $59.95!


This heavenly jumpsuit is what linen dreams are made of. Looks so expensive but is not. It's not online because it is literally brand new so if you want it I would run.

If you take anything away from this story, know that Teddy jackets are going to be big this winter. HUGE. This one is $110 which is literally the most expensive thing I have ever seen in Glassons and that's mega cheap for such a heavy coat.


If you are around my age this print will immediately make you think of Julia Roberts at the Polo in Pretty Woman and you'll want to go and get a boater hat and stomp on divots.


It would probably be faster to point out the ways you can't wear this classic white shirt, it's so versatile. I see it over swimmers or tucked into black cropped work pants.


These denim shorts offer more coverage than you might think. Also they are on sale for 20 bucks so don't leave it for too long.


These sleeves are everything and yes the top is slightly cropped but would pair well with a high waisted skirt or pants. What more can you ask for for $30?

Find me a better linen dress and I will eat my beret (of which they stock heaps, but the way). I have this in black and live it it. Also comes in white.

Do you have a favourtie store that stocks affordable fashion? Tell us in the comments!