Glad Wrap made a huge change. And the people protested.

Glad Wrap triumph. It’s a win for the best of us.


People power has preserved and triumphed over the battle with cling film. Glad Wrap has announced the original cuter will be returning to the base of the box in the coming months.

Unprecedented protests had occurred (Occupy Wall Street knew nothing like this) over the brand’s decision to relocate the serrated cutter bar from the base of the box to inside the lid.

But the company have announced that they will return to the original design.

Glad Australia marketing director Phil James told The Herald Sun “We have heard the message loud and clear. We are working through this with urgency and our objective is to get the product back as soon as humanly possible”.

“The explosion of conversation about the new cutter bar has been unprecedented. We simply could not ignore the magnitude of complaints.”

The revert back to the old way of slicing is expected to costs the company many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mamamia previously reported:

You thought it was a manufacturing error? That maybe someone in the Glad Wrap factory got caught up gossiping and accidentally glued the serrated cutter to the wrong side of the box.

Today we learned it wasn’t a mistake.

The tool that cuts the ClingWrap –  that little strip of metal – has been moved. It has switched sides from the base of the box, to inside the lid.

And the big move of 2015 had sparked a furore in kitchens across the country.

Glad Wrap can be a delicate proposition: get it right and you have yourself a tight freshness seal that you could ping a coin off. Get it wrong and you’re doomed to a bunched mess. But now, the stakes are higher. The struggle is real. Now, shit just got crazy…


What is your greatest kitchen fail?

The ‘modification’ was a part of a few changes to the ClingWrap, said Glad. More clingy that ever. Safer than ever. You just gotta rip up, instead of down, they say.



Gordon says no

A revolt exploded on social media and talkback radio across the nation. Tales of twisted glad wrap, of a safety edge that couldn’t cut through butter, the crushing defeat of a loosely wrapped sandwich, and the idiocy of this backwards system.

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It RUINED christmas:

Joy to the World, except at Jodie’s house

It RUINED school:

Worst. School. Sandwich. Ever.

It threatened to send people over the edge:

It’s tearing her apart

And for some, it was all too much:

The neighbours were not glad either

Glad Australia responded, saying almost two-thirds of the consumers who trialled the changes actually preferred the new pack:

This is one theory

Glad, who have made an art of ClingWrap for 48 years, are now “reviewing” this decision. And across the interwebs, Australians have bonded over ways to usurp the system. Some say to turn the box upside down. Some are digging through recycle bins for an old box that got away. Entrepreneurial types are proposing black markets for old boxes and cutters, while others are hoarding old boxes for as long as the cardboard lasts:

We daresay the boffins at Glad Wrap HQ will be losing some sleep over this. Because the people have spoken. They love their tightly sealed sandwiches, their pasta neatly preserved in the fridge. They love the jaunty stickers that say “1 metre left!”.  It’s just, well, some changes are hard to take. And this one is tearing us apart.