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If you only do one thing on your baby's first day, make it this. You'll be so glad you did.

This Aussie mum has just one piece of advice for overwhelmed new mums.

Last night, as I lay awake counting sheep (going through my photos on my phone), I came across a photo I took the day after I gave birth. It brought a tear to my eye, and this is why.

I can remember the day clearly.

I was still in the hospital. My hubby and mum had returned home for the afternoon to give bub and me some rest. It was the first time I was left alone with my brand new baby, and I was nervous. I can recall not sleeping at all. Instead I lay on the bed and looked at him with wide, amazed eyes through his plastic hospital crib.

I couldn’t believe he was mine. An actual real life baby that I had made. He had ten little fingers and ten little toes, two perfect ears and one little button nose. I was completely and utterly overwhelmed with emotion and love. I couldn’t believe what I had done over the last nine months (let alone the previous 24-36 hours) to bring this beautiful little man into the world. I wanted to cherish this moment forever.

So I took a photo.

Just one.

A photo from my line of sight directly into his cot. He was lying on his back, fast asleep. In my eyes he was beautiful. Perfect.

No one else knows the significance of this photo. No one knows how much emotion I had. No one knows the utterly overwhelming love I felt at that moment. This is why I captured it.

Time goes so quickly. My little man is now 7 months old. I have been so caught up in my journey as a new mum that I had largely forgotten those feelings from when he was born.

That is, until I saw this photo. And all that overwhelming emotion returned.

So do yourself a favour.

After you give birth to your baby, and as you look at them with wide, awestruck eyes through their crib, get out your camera and take a quick photo. You won't regret it, and you will remember the moment forever.

This post originally appeared here, and is republished with full permission.

What one piece of advice would you offer new mums to make the most of those first precious days?