If Christmas is about giving, then we truly have to live that and give to others.

It’s easy to get caught up in a spending and social frenzy this time of year, and sometimes we can lose sight of what Christmas is all about.

With our son arriving last year, and our daughter this year, Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning compared to when I was single and childless. As I tell our son, it’s a time where we get to celebrate our family, when we realise how lucky we are and be thankful for what we have. When we’re grateful for our health and happiness, and when we thank others, show our appreciation and reflect on the year that was. When we hold each other a little tighter. And yes, there are presents and they’re the icing on the cake, but it’s much more about time with each other and enjoying the little things.

giving back over christmas
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This is all very idealistic, yes, and I’m sure that as he gets older this will be harder and harder to reinforce. But, why not start with the best intentions and start out as we mean to go on.

This year we’re going to start a tradition of giving to those in need around Christmas time.

If you’re like us and you'd like to give back at Christmas time, here’s a wrap up of where you can go to help families, mums, dads and children across Australia:

Children in need.

By donating to the Smith Family’s Christmas Appeal, you can help change the course of a disadvantaged child’s life.

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2. Help refugees.

Choose a gift from Australia for UNHCR and help refugee families in crisis. Your gift can ensure that refugee families are safe, warm and provided for this Christmas season.

Gifts range from as little as $12.

Give toys.

Simply Giving is an online toy drive facility which allows you to choose which charity you want to donate to. There’s a wide range to choose from and it’s quick and convenient.

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Help families.

Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal helps anyone who might be having a hard time, not just children. Their Appeal is supported by The Salvation Army and Mission Australia.

Support foster children.

The Pyjama Foundation’s Toy Drive is all about brightening the lives of foster children this Christmas. You can donate a toy or gift, and every year they host Christmas Parties throughout Queensland, and in Sydney and Melbourne, to do something special for the kids in their program who don’t always get brand new gifts.

Improve girls’ education.

Most of the world’s out of school young people are girls. By helping one girl attend school for a year through Care Australia, you’ll be giving her a better chance to grow up to earn an income, be healthy and educate her own children.

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Give food.

Around 2.2 million Australians are currently living in poverty including 12 per cent of Australian children. Help feed a family by giving to one of Australia’s largest food relief organisation, Foodbank.

Help end family and domestic violence.

Too many women and children in Australia experience family and partner violence. You can help Australia’s only male-led campaign to end domestic and family violence by donating to White Ribbon.

Do you have any other suggestions to add to our list?