The four most underappreciated body parts that deserve a little TLC.

Save Our Skin by Innoxa
Thanks to our brand partner, Save Our Skin by Innoxa

Hands up who’s treated their feet to a vigorous buff, cuticle management and polish in the last two weeks? Anyone given their neck the same kind of love they’ve given their face? I’m not imagining many hands in the air right now – and mine are included.

The truth is, we’re very good at slathering serums, essences, pimple treatments, exfoliaters, masks and moisturisers all over our lovely faces, but when it comes to other areas, we completely neglect them. It’s time to show ’em a bit more love, starting now.

1. Neck

woman walking
Your neck need just as much attention as your face. Image: iStock.

Poor necks, they hang back while faces strut around getting all the attention and praise. Think about it - has anyone ever complimented you on your beautiful neck?

Without realising it, we neglect our necks when it comes to skincare, treating our face to all sorts of lotions and anti-ageing potions and forgetting to extend that love down a little further.

If you’ve found the skin around your neck is feeling a little dull, or showing signs of ageing, it’s time to bring out the beauty artillery. Save Our Skin’s DecoLift ($59.95) is an Australian made, cruelty-free cream that’s clinically proven to lift neck skin by up to 56 per cent in three weeks.

It contains the active ingredient Majestem™, high level antioxidants and nourishing ingredients (hello avocado oil, jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil and more) that help the skin to repair, feel moisturised and lift sagging skin.

Convenience is no problem either as you can find the Decolift at your local Priceline and Myer Online.

2. Cleavage

Our chests are more delicate than we may think. Image: iStock.

Anyone with boobs knows that the skin in that area can change over the years (thanks a lot, youthful sunbaking). Give it a little tender loving care with Save Our Skin’s BreastVolume cream ($64.95). It can increase your bust volume over time by up to 30 per cent while firming and giving 'em an added boost . Farewell, push up bra.

It’s formulated with the active ingredient Adifyline™ which helps to plump fatty tissue beneath the skin, giving an instant lifting and firming effect, and is packed with moisturising ingredients - like macadamia seed oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil and grape seed oil - that dry, ageing skin is begging for.

While many of us know we should wear sun protection daily, we often keep it to our faces. DON’T. It’s time to start applying SPF down to your chest every single day. Without realising it, our chests cop a lot of sun, so it’s best to keep this delicate area protected at all times with a high SPF sunscreen.

When was the last time you bought a colourful, fun bra just because? There are plenty of cheap and very cheerful options out there that’ll make you smile just looking at them. Go on, treat yourself.

You can find the BreastVolume Cream at your local Priceline and Myer Online.

3. Hands

Hand cream is essential for showing your hands a little TLC. Image: iStock.

Your hands are the workhorse of your body. They carry, type, text, hug and high five 24/7. They’re exposed to water, drying soaps, sun, air-conditioning all day long. Yet when was the last time you applied a little hand cream?

The equivalent of a coffee or tea break, storing some nourishing hand cream in your handbag, car glove box or office desk draw will enable you to slather some delicious-smelling good stuff onto your hands, take a deep breath and carry on with your day with a positive attitude. Give it a go.

4. Feet

Start by putting your feet up. Image: iStock.

Anyone who’s ever removed stubborn nail polish from their toes has probably been hit with a situation that’s dry, yellowing and filthy. Now it’s warm enough to chuck on sandals and open-toe heels, it’s time to show your feet that you do appreciate the fact that they carry you around all day every day.

Start by removing all traces of old nail polish. Then soak them in a bucket filled with warm soapy water. Grab a pumice stone and remove any rough areas of skin (gently here, friends). Push back your cuticles and apply some cuticle oil to moisturise your nails and the skin surrounding them. Don’t own any? At the very least, slather on some thick moisturiser.

Also, show your feet some respect and put them up when you’re at home. Trying to convince your partner or flatmate to give you a foot massage is also highly recommended.

Have you been guilty of neglecting these body parts?

This post was written thanks to our brand partner Innoxa.