Is this Guiliana Rancic's way of saying 'f**k you' to the skinny shamers?

She says she’s “on top of the world.”

Giuliana Rancic, 40, has fought breast cancer, and after a double mastectomy and ongoing medication, she’s winning the battle.

A side effect of her treatment, though, is that the E! television presenter has difficulty gaining weight.

Rancic’s slender frame has been the subject of much comment over the years.

Her every Instagram post is greeted with a barrage of remarks such as, “You look like a skeleton,” “this is not natural,” and “go and eat a burger already.”

She hasn’t chosen to hide away, though. She remains squarely in the public eye, and challenges anyone who dares insult her, a cancer-survivor who has struggled with infertility, for how she looks.

Rancic posted a picture yesterday of herself in a colourful bikini, gazing out over rooftops to the sea.

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“On top of the world,” she captioned it

It was met with a lot of positivity from Insta-fans, which must make a nice change for Rancic.

In April, Rancic responded to the skinny-shamers.

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“[It’s] gotten out of hand,” she told People magazine.

“Some people were saying, ‘The cancer is probably back. And they were accusing me of every eating disorder. I thought to myself, ‘God, if someone really thought I had an eating disorder, what a horrible way to approach it.’”

Rancic with her young son, Duke. Image via Instagram.

After she attended this year’s Golden Globes wearing a dress that exposed her back, the criticism reached fever-pitch.

“It’s really hurtful,” says Rancic. “I’m sorry that some people think I’m disgustingly skinny, as they put it, but there’s nothing I can do. I’m lucky that I even have the type of cancer that reacts to the medicine.

The Golden Globes dress that Rancic was castigated for wearing because it exposed her bony back.

“I look in the mirror and it’s hard for me. I am really thin. I want to look fit and beautiful and sexy, and I can’t.”

The mum of one, a boy named Duke born via surrogate, could have fooled us.

All we can see in that pictures is a beautiful, happy woman.

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