Giuliana: "We only have one embryo left".

Giuliana Rancic says she has one last chance at having another baby.

Earlier this week we reported on the devastating news that E! Online’s red carpet guru Giuliana’s surrogate had suffered a miscarriage.

Now she’s spoken about how she and husband Bill have only one embryo left.

Giuliana and Duke, her first born.

Once chance left to give her son Duke a baby brother or sister.

Once chance left to build the big family she's always wanted.

"I'm on cancer medication for a few more years," she says. "I've had to come to terms with the fact that I may never carry a child. With that said, this next embryo, there's no guarantees."

"In that case, that's it."

Rancic tells how the news has affected her and  Bill.

"Thankfully we've had some time to process the news. It was hard, though. When you get that call... we were devastated."

Bill Rancic and son Duke

"Once we were able to take the emotion out of it we wanted to take care of our surrogate, let her know that this is not her fault, let her know that this is common. It has happened to me."

For Giuliana, devastating news has been common. The star was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 while attempting to conceive naturally.

Now she only hopes to move forward.

"We would love her [our surrogate, Delphine] to be on board but there is no pressure."

The Rancics, who are very religious, say they are trusting in God to give their first child Duke, a playmate.

"Bill and I would love another baby more than anything else. It's God's plan - I do believe in fate."

"We are going to keep fighting."

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