Celeb in 5: Saturday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Gisele Bundchen has spoken for the first time about why her and Leonardo DiCaprio really broke up.

When Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen walked the red carpet together at the Academy Awards in 2005, no one could keep their eyes off the really, really, ridiculously good looking couple.

Him, an Oscar-winning actor with a habit of dating models. Her, a successful Victoria’s Secret supermodel.

But when they broke up shortly after, the A-list couple who dated for five years were quiet about the reason behind their split.

Almost 14 years later, Bundchen, who is now married to NFL player Tom Brady, has spoken about her breakup with DiCaprio, now 44.

“Was I alone in wanting to do some serious soul-searching while he stayed the same? In the end, unfortunately, the answer was yes,” the 38-year-old told PORTER Magazine.

The mum-of-two also said she used smoking, drinking and work to cope with the end of her long-term relationship.

“No longer numbing myself… I was becoming more and more aware of things that I’d chosen not to look at.”

2. All the pictures from Stormi’s first birthday.

One year ago Kylie Jenner revealed that she had given birth to her daughter, Stormi Webster, after months of speculation. And since then we have all been treated to utterly adorable pictures of Stormi, with mini designer handbags and all.

To mark the occasion of Stormi’s first birthday, the makeup mogul shared some sweet photos of her daughter.

“How did I get so lucky to have such a sweet, smart, happy baby,” the 21-year-old began her Instagram caption. “I just couldn’t have dreamt you up, storm. I wish you could stay this little forever and I could protect that contagious smile and laugh of yours.”

She continues: “I know you won’t remember much about the first year of your life but i pray that you’ll never forget to keep sharing your joy and laughter with the world. my love grows for you a thousand miles a minute. Every day with you is the best day of my life.

“Happy birthday to my angel on earth.”



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Father Travis Scott also posted a sweet tribute to their daughter, captioning in part: “U THE SMARTEST AND LOVING BABY EVER [sic]. UR SPIRIT KEEPS ME GOING EVERY DAY ME AND UR MOMMY LOVE U AND CANT WAIT TO SHARE MORE BEAUTIFUL DAYS WITH U”.


3. What Meghan Markle looked like as a teenager.

OK, yes, so it is probably a little unhealthy to be so fascinated by photos of celebrities taken when they, well, weren’t celebrities. But let’s face it, most of us are. Probably because we desperately want to know they are #justlikeus; that they, too, got punished by puberty, that they had pimples and braces and hadn’t quite grown into their ears yet.

But then you see pictures like this:


That is Meghan Markle as a teenager. Yeah.

The image was shared by actor Katherine McPhee, another incredibly talented, genetically blessed human being whose career was forged treading the same boards as the actor-turned-Royal.

“Meghan and I did musicals together as kids,” the Smash star wrote. “She grew up to be the Duchess of Sussex and I grew up to star on the West End, so same life if you ask me.”

McPhee is due to begin a run as the lead in a London production of the musical Waitress, and in the comments beneath the picture joked that perhaps she “could get [the Duchess] to come to the opening night”.

4. Dr Chris Brown has spilled on “egocentric” I’m a Celeb contestant.

Awks. Images: Channel 10.

There are strong feelings that male model Justin Lacko may walk away as the winner of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here. (Telly is a visual medium after all.)

But not everyone is feeling enamoured of the, shall we say, confident former Love Island star.

The reality show's co-host, Dr Chris Brown, for one, says he's often left feeling rather "confused" after encounters with Lacko.

"He's a human wheel of emotion, he can be so sensitive and emotional and then the most self-centred, egocentric, vain person around," the Bondi Vet star told BW magazine.

"I think that's what makes him so watchable; he leaves you scratching your head."

Former Senator Sam Datayari put it a tad more bluntly when he told The Project he couldn't work out if Australia kept Lacko in the show because they want to "marry him, kiss him, bone him or strangle him. Because that’s exactly how we feel in the camp as well."


5. Prince Harry asked to speak privately with a young boy. This is what he said to him.

Prince Harry with Iestyn Jones this week. Image: Getty.

On Friday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Bristol for two official appearances.

One of those was at the Empire Fighting Chance charity, a boxing gym non-profit helping vulnerable youth going down the path of crime and unemployment.

There, they met Iestyn Jones, a 12-year-old boy grieving the loss of his father.

After hearing about the important work the charity does giving displaced and vulnerable youth an outlet for their aggression and grief, Prince Harry asked for the room to be cleared so he could speak privately with the young boy whose father passed away seven years ago.

“The same thing happened to me,” People reports Prince Harry said, speaking of how he experienced a similar loss at a young age with the passing of his mother Princess Diana in 1997 when he was 12.

“It just got a bit emotional because he mentioned something. He knew some stuff about me and the same thing happened to me. We had a chat for about 10 minutes,” Jones told reporters.

“When we had a group picture at the end he made sure I was standing next to him. They were lovely people. I didn’t expect them to be like that. They were amazing people.”

To read the full story about Prince Harry's heartfelt conversation with a grieving boy, click here.