Korie's boyfriend was heading on a boys' trip. So she made him this practical t-shirt.

Korie Heyward never intended to sit idly while her boyfriend and father of her child gallivanted across the Greek Islands with his friends.

In fact, the 18-year-old from Bristol in the UK actively decided to do something about it.

With a piece of fabric, some family photos and steadfast no-nonsense attitude, she pulled together a t-shirt that looked a little like this:

The hand-crafted t-shirt, which had a photo of Korie on the front, read: “If you can read this then you’re too close so please stay away.”

The back of the t-shirt was equally as sassy, emblazoned with a picture of the couple’s four-month-old daughter, Emmy-Rose, with another line reading: “I love my girls and I hate all the girls in Malia.”

Talking to The Sun about the t-shirt that has since gone viral, the mum-of-one acknowledged her partner, Jake Tolliver, wasn’t as impressed as the rest of the world upon seeing it for the first time.

“He wasn’t happy about it to begin with,” she said.

“But a little later he said it was pretty funny and that he would put it on.”

Korie also told the publication his friends were enthusiastic about her skills, telling her they would take many a photo in it.

“Some people said I was a psycho, but I think most people know it is a joke,” she added.

“The ironic thing is that he will probably get more attention now!”