Can you figure out if this girl is under or above the water?

Prepare to be bewildered.

Remember the Blue and Black vs White and Gold dress debacle that divided people across the world earlier this year? Remember the sheer agony you endured trying to explain to your spouse/sister/best friend/dog that they were wrong and the dress was clearly white and gold? (It was white and gold. No. Don’t argue with me. It was. (Ed’s note: Black and blue. Clearly))

Well folks, prepare for the sheer anxiety of not trusting your eyes once more.

A photo has emerged online of a little girl who, to some appears to be jumping in water, and to others appears to be underwater. The photo, which has been shared 1.8 million times on Imgur, is going to make your brain tired just looking at it.

What do you think?

Wait... wait... what?! (Image via IMGUR)
Wait… wait… what?! (Image via IMGUR)


If you look at the top half of the image, she is clearly underwater.

But looking at the bottom half, she definitely seems like she’s jumping into the water.

One Imgur commenter called it “Waterception”.

We’re right there with you, Britney. Right there with you.

What do you think? Is the girl under or above the water?