Little girl is convinced her sister is dying. Really just has her period.

A teenager has posted an adorably sweet clip of her three-year-old sister reacting to the sight of her menstruation blood.

Meeiah Tolentino, 16, from Alaska began filming her sister Rain after the request to watch her use the bathroom backfired something terrible.

The clip begins with Tolentino asking her sister why she’s crying.

The young girl pauses her tears for a moment to cry out.

“Because you’re bleeding!” She says.

“Where am I bleeding?’ Tolentino says.

Source: Twitter.

The child points downwards before she is overcome by another wave of sobs.

The elder sister then asks her sibling what she thinks is going to happen.

“You’re dying,” the child replies.

A comforting hand to soothe the sobs. Source: Twitter.

The adorable video was posted onto Twitter and has since been retweeted over 84,000 times.

Tolentino assured viewers the trauma and tears of the incident was soon forgotten in a later comment.

“My sister’s dramatic. Two minutes after this video she didn't even care,” she said.

Menstruation, period, Aunt Flo. The hilarious list goes on... Post continues..

Many viewers related strongly and shared similar stories of their own.

"This happened to me when I was little. My sisters convinced me they were dying so I would be their slave," one user said.

"I cleaned their rooms and did the dishwasher for a week until my mom noticed."

Another user said she was even forced to hide the phone after her younger sibling tried to call an ambulance.

"This happened with my little sister and she tried to call an ambulance," she said.

"I had to hide the phones because she was serious about getting me to a hospital."

There is something very sweet about her tears but let's not make videos like this a habit.

You never know what gold she'll save for your wedding.