This little girl just gave her two deaf parents a very special Christmas gift.

Aaaaand Christmas cutie of the week goes to…

Five-year-old Claire Koch for an outstanding performance in her kindergarten Christmas show that her parents will never forget.

clare koch 2

That’s Claire in the middle, undercover as an unremarkable kindergartener.

While her fellow kindergarteners were using generic hand motions like a bunch of… kindergarteners, Claire signed the entire show in American Sign Languageto surprise her two deaf parents.

Here’s her doing “Santa is His Name-O”.

clare koch 1


And Clare-O was her name-O.

Here’s her glowing like Rudolph’s red nose.

clare koch 3

Like a lightbulb!

And killing it in “I Have a Little Dreidel”.


Best. Present. Ever. And actually one too sweet for words, so watch the video.

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