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An 8-year-old discovered a maxi pad for the first time on camera and the internet LOST IT.

Every girl remembers their first time learning about, ahem, as Cher Horowitz puts it so politely, “riding the crimson wave”. For one eight-year-old girl, however, her first stint in the glory of learning all about periods quite literally smacked her in the face.

The hilarious scenario, which has since become a viral sensation, occurred when the girl was filming her own makeup tutorial and spotted a maxi pad mid-tutorial. The only problem was, she had no idea what to do with it.

As all good sisters would do, big sister Jaiden Park posted the video to Twitter.


12,000 retweets later, it’s clear the internet has so many questions about it all.

For starters, does she even realise it isn’t a makeup tool? The baffled look on her face would suggest she does not, but it’s a short-lived duel before she figures out something to do with it. Like sticking it to her… forehead?


Some people just want to be her:

Others have begun theorising a possible explanation for the forehead pad:


I mean, maybe she’s onto something. It wasn’t too long ago I succumbed to a YouTube beauty guru’s fad and cut a pad in half and stuck each piece under my eyes to prevent eyeshadow fall out. (Update: it definitely was a success.)

I’m just sad the video wasn’t padded with more commentary from the eight-year-old, if I’m honest.