Two-year-old accidentally pricked by syringe must wait six months to be given the all clear.

A Geelong mother has an anxious six-month wait to find out if her two-year-old daughter receives the all-clear after being pricked by a needle in Geelong last week.

Ashlee Vipont and her daughter Alliera were in Geelong’s Eastern Beach public toilets when the two-year-old was the pricked by the dirty needle after it was hidden by toilet paper.

“The toilet paper was kind of stuck so she placed her hands up there, and as we’ve pulled and come down, she said ‘oww’ and out fell the needle,” Ms Vipont told 9 News.

According to the Herald Sun, a spokesman for the the City of Greater Geelong said they were concerned about the reported incident, despite claims there is nowhere to safely dispose of syringes at this particular toilet block.

“The City takes all reasonable steps to maintain a high level of safety and cleanliness of its public facilities, including daily professional cleaning and emptying of sharps containers,” he said.

Immediately following the incident, Ms. Vipont rushed Alliera to hospital to undergo various tests. Although initial results show Alliera is healthy, the Geelong mum must wait up to six months for further testing to uncover if something more serious is at play.

“The chances are low, but there could be something there. They’re checking for HIV and Hep C I think they said. She should be okay, but it’s still in the back of your head,” Ms Vipont told 9 News.

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