Meet the 17-year-old Voice contestant who's here to "crush stereotypes."

Brittania Clifford-Pugh is a typical Australian teenager.

The 17-year-old from Queensland is a girl guide, a social media addict, a singer, a filmmaker and a ukelele player.

She also happens to be a proud Muslim and wore hijab when she fronted up for the blind auditions on The Voice tonight.

"I want to crush some stereotypes." Source: Channel 9

"I'm really here because I want to crush some stereotypes," Brittania said after wrapping up an angelic cover of 'Safe and Sound' by The Civil Wars, accompanied by her trusty ukulele, of course.

"Just because you look a certain way, you're a certain faith or you come from somewhere, you believe something, it doesn't have to change the fact that you're an artist and a musician."


Before going on stage, the teen said she wanted to inspire other young Muslim boys and girls in Australia, a message she reiterated for the judges, all of whom commended her.

However, it was Boy George who asked her to join his team.

"I had no idea what I was going to see when I turned around, but your message is very on-point," the music icon said.

"I feel like everything in life is kind of cyclical, you know. There were things that we did 30 years ago, we really felt like we changed the world, and for a moment it really felt like the world was a much more open-minded place.

"Now we're going backwards, so I feel like your message is just so beautiful and so very me. Strangely, we have a similar kind of attitude to life.

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The other judges joined him in praising the young woman for her obvious talent, the quirkiness of her voice and for her conviction in representing her faith.

"As a Buddhist, I can kind of hide a little bit, but when you're wearing a hijab, you're making a very, very powerful statement," Boy George said.

"I'm very happy to support that, you know. I feel like her message is such a loving, you know, unifying message, that's just... Boy George."

You can watch her audition in full on The Voice website.