This teen has a brutally brilliant way of editing friends out of photos after a fall-out.

Anyone who’s ever fallen out with a high-school friend will understand the complex problem that is what to do with all of those photos that now mean nothing to you.

Do you tear them up or simply cut them out? Place novelty stickers over their faces or burn holes in their eyes with cigarettes? Should your ritualistically burn said images while placing a curse on the friend who never really had your back after all?

girl edits friend out of photo
The original unedited image. Source: Twitter.

If you're Serena Caballero, an 18-year-old from Texas, you do none of the above, but rather get crafty behind a keyboard.

Sharing a side-by-side comparison of two images to her Twitter account last week, the teenager wrote, "y'all ever stop fw (f**king with) someone but like the way YOU looked in the pic... so you gotta..."

The image on the left shows the teen posing on the hood of a car alongside her former BFF. In the image on the right, however, said BFF has all but disappeared, only to be replaced by some very rudimentary PicsArt App work.


Naturally, the image has gone viral and Caballero's original tweet has been liked almost 50,000 times and retweeted over 16,000 times.

"LMAO I aspire to be this petty," one Twitter user replied to the image.

girl edits friend out of photo
The edited image. Source: Twitter.

"Me AF," another agreed.

"I was just laughing the whole time I was trying to draw half a car," Caballero told BuzzFeed News about her artistry.

As to what Caballero's former friend thinks of the photo, we're not sure.

But one thing is for certain - this Texas teenager is the Leonardo Da Vinci of our times.