WATCH: The girl who makes sitting through a dance recital worthwhile.

For every parent who’s ever sat through a really boring dance recital.

I already wish this kid was my daughter.

The video of 6-year-old Johanna Colon nailing her sassy tap dance recital routine to Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ has, understandably, gone viral in the last few days.

And once you watch it you’ll be snapping your fingers in a Z formation all day.

Video via Elissa Colon

Johanna’s mum, Elissa, posted the video of her daughter’s adorably feisty routine on Facebook to share with friends and family, but never expected it to amass over 20 million views in just two days.

“She practiced very hard,” Elissa told TODAY.com on Tuesday. “She would make me play it on Pandora constantly. All eyes were on her from the beginning. As soon as she walked out, everybody was just floored.”

Well Johanna, the practice clearly paid off. We think you’ll be booking a spot on Ellen in no time.

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