Guys, Arnott's have been lying to us THIS WHOLE TIME.

We, as a country, have been betrayed numerous times in the last decade. We’ve been blindsided by our politicians, lost numerous well-deserved world cup titles and we’ve been through the torture of Allen’s deciding to get rid of the green frog.

But nothing compares to this betrayal.

You see, Arnott’s, Australia’s most trusted biscuit brand, has been lying to us for years. YEARS.

Well, not really. We’ve just never looked closely enough.

Their beloved biscuit, the Ginger Nut, perfect to dunk/soak/lather in a hot coffee on a cold winter night, actually has a different recipe for each state.

They are even different COLOURS. Image via

Yep, those of us in NSW are eating completely different biscuits to those in SA, WA, TAS, VIC, QLD. But not you, ACT, no Ginger Nuts for ACT, apparently.

If you take a quick squiz at their website and head to the 'Plain Biscuits' category, you can see Ginger Nuts are the only biscuit to have different variations in ingredients between each state.


The reason? Blogger ChiliKebab claims it's because Arnott's used to have bakeries all over Australia and so the Ginger Nut recipe varied a little from state to state.

"Arnott’s subsequently consolidated all its manufacturing into one plant in NSW, and hence started shipping the NSW Ginger Nut all across Australia. The result? Uproar. Outside of NSW people took to the streets with placards, there was looting, civil unrest – for a while it really did look as if the veneer of civilisation was slipping away from Australian society."

Hmmm, righty-o then. We're not too sure how true 'ChiliKebab's' claim is but what we do know is that there are different Ginger Nuts distributed in different states.

Arnott's have copped a bit of ye ole controversy lately, with the people demanding the old Shapes back too. Haven't you heard we're not good with change, Arnotts? Post continues after video. 

In a comment section on, one user says, "I grew up in Victoria, but now live in SEQ. The Qld Ginger Nuts are much thinner, a lot thinner, quite a bit sweeter and much firmer."

Next time you sit down with your cup of coffee and Ginger Nut biscuit to dunk it in, just think about all the other possible variations that could be in your mouth right now.

This is what you've done to us, Arnott's. This is all your fault.

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