Look who's set to play Gina Rinehart in the telemovie about her life...

Mandy McElhinney

Rhonda is trading in Ketut for Gina Rinehart.

Sort of.

Mandy McElhinney, aka Rhonda from everyone’s favourite AAMI ad, is reportedly set to play Gina Rinehart in Channel Nine’s new telemovie House of Hancock.

McElhinney is also known for her portrayal of Nine King in Paper Giants: Magazine Wars.

McElhinney, who’s also been featured in Channel Nine’s Love Child is set to start filming on the new telemovie at the end of September.

According to Fairfax, the telemovie is set to focus on Rinehart’s relationship with her late father Lang Hancock and her life during the 1990s.