The many, many questions Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life has left us with.

If your entire weekend has been consumed with back-to-back viewings of Netflix’ four-part Gilmore Girls reboot, you’ve come to the right place, friend.

Because whether you loved A Year in the Life or were left disappointed by it, we have some serious fast-talkin’ debriefing to do. You know the drill: grab your coffee, heat up your Pop Tarts, and pile on all your ridiculous hats and absurdly skinny scarves.

However, before we proceed, a brief but necessary warning:

If you haven't finished all four episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, TURN AWAY NOW.

I'm deadly serious.




OK. Let's continue.

While the reboot certainly answered some of the questions fans have been mulling over for the past nine years, it's also succeeded in leaving us with many, many, many more.

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Here are just some of the questions the Gilmore Girls lovers of Mamamia HQ are obsessively pondering right now. Some are giant cliffhangers, others are relatively minor, but they're all eating into our mental energy right now.


Rosie and Laura talk about the new season on The Binge

Then again, if this Hollywood Reporter interview with show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is anything to go by, these questions mightn't remain unanswered for long.

1. Rory's pregnant. So who's the father?

Taking timing into consideration, Logan seems to be the most likely answer to that question. Surely the Palladinos wouldn't let Rory fall pregnant to a Wookiee. (Actually, that's totally the kind of stunt they'd pull.)

And if Logan is indeed the father, would he break off his engagement and move back to the States to help Rory raise said baby if she asked him to? What would Mitchum Huntzberger think of all this? Imagine the drama.

Listen: Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik discuss the first seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. (Post continues after audio.)

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2. Will Rory keep her baby?

Yes, her pregnancy brings the Gilmore family story "full circle"... but the question of whether Rory will choose to keep the baby is still a valid one.

If she does, we don't know for sure whether she'll raise the baby as a single mother — although her scene with Christopher leading up to the big bombshell certainly seemed to suggest that would happen. Or was it a sign she'd started to wonder why Christopher didn't fight for their family?

Rory and Christopher met up in the 'Fall' episode. (Image: Netflix)

3. Why wasn't Sookie at Lorelai and Luke's pre-wedding wedding?

Michel was there. So was Lane. So where was Sookie? Surely they didn't leave her cooped up in the Dragonfly Inn kitchen baking another 10 wedding cake options?


Also, was Emily planning to be at the actual wedding? The way the final scenes were cut suggested the Gilmore matriarch was in Nantucket when the impromptu pre-wedding happened, which explains her absence (but doesn't make it feel any less weird). But would she have been there for the real thing?

4. What is Lane actually up to these days?

Though Lane made several appearances in the episodes, we had barely any insight into her 2016 life. Yes she's a mum and still married to Zack, working in her mum's antiques store and clearly still playing music, but so much has been left unanswered about her life.

Does she like motherhood? How's her relationship with her own mother? Does she feel trapped? Has she toured with Hep Alien since the twins were born? And did she ever hear from Dave Rygalski again after he moved to The OC California? What's Mrs Kim like as a grandma?

At least we know Lane and Rory are still pals. (Image: Netflix)

5. Why did we only meet Mr Kim now?

Did Lane's dad exist the whole time in the first seven seasons? Or was he living in Korea and only just moved over? Or, another explanation: perhaps his appearance was simply a cheeky nod to all the fan speculation over the years.

6. How did Rory's foray into political reporting pan out?

Last time we were in Stars Hollow, Rory was gearing up to join then-Senator Barack Obama's campaign trail as a reporter for an online magazine. Now, she's freelancing. So what exactly happened in between? Did she lose interest in political reporting or the overall dream of being a foreign correspondent?

7. Seriously, what is the deal with Gilmore Girls and Twin Peaks?

The first seasons of Gilmore Girls featured three actors who had starred in David Lynch's Twin Peaks. The reboot added one more: Ray Wise, who played Laura Palmer's father Leland, appeared as Emily's friend/potential love interest Jack.


Additionally, Rory referenced the show when she noticed her article on the back of Luke's diner menu, quipping that it was "wraaaapped in plaaaastic". This is no longer pure coincidence, so what's the link here?

L-R: Mädchen Amick, Sherilyn Fenn and Ray Wise starred in both shows. Coincidence? (Images: The WB/Netflix)

8. Why didn't we hear the theme song 'Where You Lead' 'til the final credits?

Hey, at least we got that amazing mini-performance from Carole King/"Sophie" herself.

9. How are Sookie's children?

And what was the sex of her third child with Jackson?

10. Will Rory's book ever be published?

We still don't know if Lorelai was fully on board with the idea. If it is finished, will it be worth the trouble it'll probably cause? Will Jess publish it?

Watch: Lauren Graham and the rest of the cast discuss the reboot with NBC News. (Post continues after video.)

11. How did Rory afford to travel internationally all the time?

London and New York and back again, constantly... while paying rent on an apartment in Brooklyn? By all accounts the freelance reporting life doesn't pay that well.

One likely explanation: trust fund/inheritance from Richard.

12. Did Hep Alien ever release a record?

Zack kinda blew their first big opportunity back in Season Six... but we're still holding out hope.

At least Zack and Lane seem to have a regular gig at The Secret Bar. (Image: Netflix)

13. Why, when and how did Rory and Logan end up reconnecting?

She turned down his proposal in Season Seven, and that was (seemingly) the end. Or so we thought.

14. Is Rory in touch with anyone else from Yale/Chilton?

Aside from Paris, Doyle, Logan and the Life and Death Brigade, that is. What about Madeleine? Louise? Marty? The Yale Daily News team? Has she made any new close friends since then?

The Gilmore Girls visiting their dearly departed Richard's grave. (Image: Netflix)

15. What was Rory's Talk of the Town article actually about?

Given all the hype around it — it even featured on Luke's menu, for goodness sake — it must have been a decent read.

EDIT: The article was about the "eccentric" Naomi Shropshire, the subject of Rory's thwarted book project.

16. Will Paris and Doyle reconcile?

Please. Please let this be the case.

17. Will Lorelai and Luke revisit their surrogacy/fertility/kids conversation?

That subplot ended rather abruptly.

18. What are Paul Anka's secrets?

Seriously, that dog has not aged a day. (Oh, and human Paul Anka looked pretty good too.)

It's been nine years, Paul Anka. Tell us your secrets! And before you ask, yes — the neurotic pooch was indeed portrayed by the same dog that appeared in the original series.