We need to talk about the one character who saved the Gilmore Girls reboot.

This week, it is all about Stars Hollow.

The latest season of Gilmore Girls dropped on Netflix last weekend and we need to keep talking about it.

If you’re yet to finish the reboot then TURN BACK NOW. We will ruin it for you.

We have two words for you: Paris. Geller.

While many fans have focused on a certain pregnancy announcement, others have spoken about how the secondary character has taken a very central role in the new season.

Hosts Laura Brodnik and Rosie Waterland explained the evolution of Rory Gilmore’s oldest rival in the latest episode of our television podcast, The Binge.

“She to me, was the redeeming feature of this reboot,” Rosie said.

Listen to Laura and Rosie explain why Paris is the best part of Gilmore Girls. 

Rosie confessed her favourite part of the new season was the transcendence of Paris’ character.

“I want to talk about the one, flawless part of this reboot. My favourite thing that happened out of all four ninety minute episodes was that Paris Gellar was next-level, freakin’ amazing,” she said.

“She is all the awesome things that Rory isn’t.”

Laura may not have agreed with such a bold statement but she did recognise how true the evolution had been to her original character.

“To see her have that empire, and to see that she was still the same old Paris Geller, that was so good,” Laura said.

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