The theory that has fans convinced Gilmore Girls and Friends are linked.

Rory and Lorelai are once again set to light up our TV screens when four new episodes of Gilmore Girls drop on Netflix later this month.

With everyone’s minds on the much-loved show, it’s no wonder fan theories are coming out of the woodwork.

An unusual new proposition speculates that your favourite fast-talkin’ comedy series is linked to another iconic TV show: Friends.

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Gilmore Girls is back. (Image via Netflix)


Well, it all comes down to two women: Paris Geller and Rachel Green.

Reddit user NotYourAverageTaunTaun argues that Gilmore Girls' Paris represents what could have been Rachel's life had she chosen to take the Louis Vuitton job in Paris in the Friends finale in 2004, instead of staying in New York to be with Ross Geller.

So, you might be wondering: what's the evidence that Gilmore Girls' scriptwriters drew inspiration from their favourite sitcom?

Well, it's not the fact 'Paris' is the town Rachel was meant to travel to, and 'Gellar' is the surname of the man she chose instead. That's just a weird coincidence; the Gilmore Girls character already existed when the final Friends episode aired.

Rachel chose Ross over a job in Paris (Image via Warner Bros.)

Here's the theory explained:

Paris Geller is a smart career-driven student who becomes an extremely motivated adult.

"My theory is that, while Paris Geller's name connection to Friends might have begun as an accident, her character arc is a deliberate flip-side of the coin from Rachel Green's — a sort of redemption story," NotYourAverageTaunTaun explained.

"While Rachel sacrifices her career for love, Paris's storyline time and again shows her doing the opposite; especially later in the show, after the Friends finale aired.

Paris Geller is a driven person.

"When faced with the possibility of her love life detracting from her future career, Paris breaks up with her beloved Yale boyfriend, Doyle — she refuses to let a boy stop her from attending medical school.

"Unlike Ross Geller in Friends, Doyle makes the choice to support and follow Paris wherever she decides to go, effectively reversing the Rachel and Paris's respective character arcs."

NotYourAverageTaunTaun is also saying Rachel's decision to choose Ross over her dream job and stay in New York wasn't the happy ending we were all crying tears of joy over. (Or was that just me?)

What was always the ending fans were rooting for - Ross and Rachel FINALLY getting together for good - may have been a mistake for the fashion industry professional.

Not a happy ending? (Image via Warner Bros)

NotYourAverageTaunTaun freely admits Rachel's decision "frustrated" them and this theory could be influenced by that. It's very likely entirely possible the producers had no intention of making Paris's story arc the Sliding Doors alternative to Rachel Green's.

"Maybe I'm grasping at straws," NotYourAverageTaunTaun wrote.

Viewed from a feminist lens, Rachel giving up a job for a guy does seem like a less-than-ideal outcome. But we think we're going to hang on to our happily ever after, thank you very much.

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Do you think Gilmore Girls' producers were inspired by Friends?