Need a Gilmore Girls Cookbook? OF COURSE YOU DO.

One wonderful woman wants us all to eat like a Gilmore Girl, and intends to achieve this goal by publishing a recipe book Eat Like a Gilmore Girl.

Kristi Carlson is a baker and caterer, and she’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 in the next 25 days to make Eat Like a Gilmore Girl a reality.

She’s already raised $16,746. This is happening, people!

There are several things that are inextricably associated with Gilmore Girls. Talking a lot. Coffee. FOOD.

Stars Hollow’s favourite duo were fuelled by Pop Tarts, giant mugs of coffee, and box upon box of takeaway pizza.

Rory and Lorelei consumed roughly 3,970 calaroies each, per day, calculated the Huffington Post. That’s almost twice the intake recommended for the average woman.

So do you want to eat like a Gilmore Girl? I do, if it means I can eat litres of ice-cream and sackfuls of salt and look as waif-like as the Gilmores.

“What are we if not world champion eaters?” as Lorelai Gilmore once said to her daughter Rory before endeavouring upon a mammoth four-dinner Thanksgiving.

So what can we expect from the book? In a video explaining her idea, Carlson — dressed as various Gilmore Girls characters — says of the food on the show, “The foods look so delicious, comforting, perfect for the season. I want to experience that magic. It’s about using more of my senses. When I see them eating rocky road cookies, I wanna jump right up and run into my kitchen and make that food!”

The book will be divided into three sections: food you might find in a small-town diner such as cheeseburgers, food you’d serve at a dinner, say, a Friday night dinner, such as salmon puffs, and food you might find in a quaint Connecticut inn, such as macaroni and cheese.