Thank goodness for Gigi Hadid, who showed us what a $2700 manicure really looks like.

I’ve never had a manicure, and am afraid to admit I’ve had short-n-stumpy, naked nails for almost all of my life.

I hold this crippling envy towards women who have hands that are more decorative than my entire body. I lust after long, shiny and glittery digits. I just cannot justify the $50+ price tag it takes to get into the Fancy Nail Squad. Also, having nails longer than a centimetre apparently renders me incapable of functioning in day-to-day life. Spending $50 and not being able to text for a month? No thank you.

That’s why my jaw plummeted to the freakin’ floor when I heard how much clams supermodel Gigi Hadid paid for her Met Gala manicure.

$2,700, you guys. She spent two thouuuuusand and seven HUNDRED dollars.

Yes. YES. I know. This is Crazy Town.

Wanna see? That’s a dumb question — of course you do! Feast your eyes on these bad boys.

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Just look at that metallic goodness. Look at the mini crystals tucked behind the nail! This is all Fan-cee and Fashun with capital F’s.

Here are another couple of close-ups Gigi uploaded to her SnapChat account last night.

Level of Nail Game: Infinite. (Images via Snapchat)

While I do admire the cool factor of this manicure, I can't help but think what else that $2700 could have been spent on. Like a lifetime supply of Macca's $1 Frozen Cokes. Or an entire new wardrobe.

Meanwhile, one of the girls in the office informed me that amount of dosh would pay for her manicures at the local joint for two and a half years. Another told me it'd pay her rent for more than two months. Another wants Gigi to loan her some cash so she can get her paws on that Thermomix she's been eyeing off for all eternity.

Because guys, $2700 is pretty steep for nails.

Still... they're pretty freakin' awesome.

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