Gigi Hadid shared a drastic new haircut to Instagram. But there's one problem.

For the better part of three months I have been stalking and screen-shotting images of Gigi Hadid from the model’s Instagram account.

It’s become a collection of photos I plan to take to my hairdresser in the hopes he’ll deliver the exact same cut and colour. I have unfounded dreams of exiting the salon an exact doppelganger of the world-famous supermodel.

Just like this…

throwback coffee break @patrickta @jennifer_yepez ????

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This morning, however, everything changed.

I started my usual stalking routine. Thinking to myself that I really should stop being such a chicken / tight-arse and book the goddamn hairdresser’s appointment, when I saw the 21-year-old Victoria’s Secret model had chopped it all off… WHAT!

Holly took nits on holiday with her. Post continues below.


Hadid had posted an image of herself, with a 90s pixie cut in an enviable shade of just-right-blonde with the caption “happy April foolz fwends”.

Myself, and the rest of the internet, entered into a frenzy.

Is it real? Is she trolling us? How is it that she looks so good, regardless?

✄ ✄ ✄ happy April foolz fwends ;) :P

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Some fans lamented the apparent loss of Hadid’s locks. There were captions such as: “Nooooooo” and “Pls tell me it’s a wig” and “What the f*ck”.

Others loved the change. There was: “Beautiful” and “Gorgeous” and “YASS”.

Personally, I started doubting every hair decision I’ve ever made and realised my hairdresser really doesn’t have a chance in hell.