Gift of Sleep: 'My baby finally sleeps through the night'

Jackson and his little brother Declan

Dear Elizabeth,

I LOVE this book!!!! It actually does what it says it does on the cover!! I must confess, I was a bit sceptical when I read The Gift of Sleep could teach my baby to sleep in just 3 days, but I am now eating my words and I apologise- it literally happened overnight.

Declan (6 months) suffers from reflux and although the medication morning and night is helping him, he had developed a bad sleeping habit that I couldn’t break. Until now. He needed me for comfort to get to sleep – so when he woke every 1-2 hours overnight I had to feed him to calm him down enough to get him back to sleep. He wouldn’t take a dummy.

I tried everything I had learnt in the past but nothing worked.  (I have a 2 year old who still doesn’t sleep through the night who we took to sleep school when he was 7 months and again at 14 months and I have read plenty of other ‘sleep books’ in that time.)

I almost gave up trying and started thinking this was just the way it was going to be. More than one person has told me in the past that ‘some babies just don’t sleep, you’ve unfortunately had two babies who don’t sleep’.  My sister-in-law saw Mia talking about The Gift of Sleep on tv and told me about it. I decided to give it a go. Why not?

Night one was what I used to call a good night- only up 7 times between 8pm-5.30am and Declan got back to sleep within 10-20 minutes each time. He survived without a feed until I caved in at 5.30am. He fell back asleep at 6am and i had to wake him at 8.30am when I woke up! Pretty good considering he’s never lasted more than 4 hrs without a feed and that was 9.5 hrs! Night two was amazing. Declan  only woke up ONCE, at 4.30am.

Night three and again he only woke up ONCE at 5.30am. He now has two good sleeps during the day of 1-2 hours each instead of catnapping or sleeping for a total of half an hour for the day. AND he sleeps through the night. I haven’t fed him overnight since starting the program a week ago. Truly Amazing!!! I could go on about it for ages. Very Happy!!

My 2 year old is next!!!

Olivia, Shane, Jackson and Declan.

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