Hero, Shocker and Whinger of the Week.

Welcome to Mamamia Rogue’s Shocker, Hero and Whinger of the Week.

You guys know the deal, but if not here’s a bit of a refresher: Each week, we pick the biggest Shocker, Hero and Whinger from the last seven days. Shocker is whatever moment or person left our jaws on the floor. Hero is whoever won the week by being flat out amazing. And whinger? Well, that’s pretty much just someone who has had a major sooky-la-la moment.

So, let’s get to it.

Hero of the Week goes to…

The Egyptian bus driver who used his wife’s urine to pass a drug test, only to find out that his wife was pregnant.

How does that make him a hero? It doesn’t.

The drug officials however are heroes. Not only did they bust the driver, they also did it by saying: ‘Congratulations, you’re pregnant.’

Yeah, well played. You win at life.

Shocker of the Week goes to…

The Turkish hair removal company who used a photo of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the terrorist behind 9/11, to advertise their product.

Yeah, they did:

Whinger of the Week goes to…

The people who are complaining about the giant pink condom that has been, er, erected in Sydney’s Hyde Park to create awareness about AIDS.

The condom, which was applied to a rather erect statue in Hyde Park has attracted some negative comments from the Christian Lobby.

Wendy Francis, the director of the Lobby has labelled it ‘completely inappropriate.’