The MKR villains live in a beachside dream-home because they're lawyers, don't you know.

At 24, I lived in a dank studio at the back of an old house in Sydney’s inner west. It had peeling lino in the kitchen and an oddly large, airy (the window didn’t close properly) bathroom of which I was most proud of.

Other people, such as MKR‘s Gianni Romano, 28, and Zana Pali, 24, choose to live in more, shall we say, salubrious surrounds.

When your MKR dreams go up in smoke… bloody beetroot (post continues after video):

Despite their relative youth, this lawyer-couple don’t appear to own a single piece of Ikea furniture, nor have they re-purposed milk crates as handy seats for entertaining.

There aren’t any bare mattresses on the floors or empty wine bottles used as vases. It’s doubtful they’ve got a month’s supply of Mi Goreng noodles in the cupboard.

g and z house 4
An odd round bed and a picture of the couple make up the master bedroom. Image via Follett and Co Real Estate.

Pali’s previously stated that the $250,000 prize money for winning the competition “isn’t a lot of money for us because our jobs pay a lot. As lawyers, we earn a lot of money”.

They’re lawyers, don’t you know.

g and z house 1
Does the Porsche come with the house? Image via Follett and Co Real Estate.

Now, I have friends who are lawyers, and none of them are living in a mansion by the sea.

Even a nice salary, the kind Joe Hockey would approve of, isn’t going to buy you a house like the one this young couple live in, which is worth an estimated $2 million. And really, how much does a just-admitted lawyer make anyway?

g and z house 2
No blow-up pools here. Image via Follett and Co Real Estate.

The house is a modern three-bedroom, two-bathroom house with a heated pool and a Porsche in the garage.


Watch MKR judge Manu on a date with Mamamia… Post continues after video.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say there’s been some parental financial aid involved in the purchasing of this house.

g and z house 3
Living area complete with yet more couples photos. Image via Follett and Co Real Estate.

Both of them work for Gianni’s dad’s law firm and are moving to Queensland, which is where Gianni’s family is based.

Look out, QLD.

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