Are MKR's biggest villains about to buckle under pressure?

If last week wasn’t a great week for My Kitchen Rules certified villains, Gianni and Zana, this week doesn’t look to be a whole lot better.

They failed miserably during an Olympic-themed challenge last week where they tried to cook for 200 athletes and as a result of their less-than-stellar performance, were put to a sudden death round.

And in a sneak peak of tonight’s episode, it seems cooking for large numbers of people may not be the married duo’s strength, suggesting they may in fact face the prospect of elimination for the second week running.

The teaser shows the couple struggling with a challenge that is set in a pop-up cinema restaurant, where they are expected to cook for over 300 people, where Zana finds herself exclaiming that she is “not happy, Jan” with the way their dish is looking.

The clip also shows the couple struggling to plate up their dish in time, until audio from the background hears Zana yelling, “What’s burning?!”

I am no cooking fiend, nor am I talented in the field, but I understand that a fundamental cooking principle is to simply not burn something.

The young couple have made headlines during this year’s MKR season for claiming that as lawyers, the prize money doesn’t mean a whole lot to them

Zana told the beginning of the series that the $250,000 prize money “isn’t a lot of money for us because our jobs pay a lot. As lawyers, we earn a lot of money”.

We wonder if they’ll change their minds lest they are eliminated this week.

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