ICYMI: Around 80 per cent of single millennials have been 'ghosted'.

You’re dating a guy.

He seems totally into you. You’ve got great banter and occasionally like each other’s photos on Instagram. By 2016 standards, he might as well have asked your father for your hand in marriage.

You send him a pretty standard message “Hey, how are ya?”

No reply.

Oh, he must be busy, you rationalise. His phone must be off. He might have just left his phone at home today. Perhaps he dropped his phone in the toilet…and then he lost his fingers…in a freak accident.

“Ouch”, you think. Poor guy.

But, after a while, he posts a picture to Facebook. Maybe he is with another girl. Maybe he is out having the time of his life. Point is: All his fingers are in tact. They’re just resting on another girls shoulder.

You were ghosted. The person you were dating threw a Houdini and vanished.

Is ghosting rational? Did millennials invent it, or has is been happening for generations? Mia Freedman, Monique Bowley and Jessie Stephens discuss.