Every night when this women goes to sleep, someone turns on the shower.

In the name of all things terrifying…

If you’re not already having nightmares and calling your spiritual guides after seeing the plethora of freaky ghost photos on the interwebs this year, you need to watch this scary-arse video.

Right NOW. (But not alone. Or in the dark.)

If you need to be convinced, basically the woman in the video says every night when she goes to sleep, someone turns on the shower in her bathroom.

So, naturally, she set up a camera one night to investigate what the hell was going on.

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(I’m pretty sure trying to sleep with the suspenseful music and spooky sound effects would have made getting a good night’s rest fairly difficult for her, but whatevs.)

After a few hours, the bathroom door slams shut and the light goes on.

Nek minnit, the shower is running. (Spine chills?)

So she gets up to turn it off.

And then…


Now call me sceptical, but the authenticity of this video is somewhat, well, dubious. Ok yes, we know it’s fake but that doesn’t make it any less frightening.

But, as Fox Mulder would say, I want to believe…

Have you ever encountered a ghost?

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