Mamamia readers share their most terrifying ghost stories.

Yesterday, Mamamia published a story about a three-year-old boy named Albert who refused to sleep in his own bed in a new house (you can read it here, if you missed it).

The little boy finally explained to his mother, Alix Fiveash, that an old woman in a long dress comes into his room and screams at him. Albert said, “She doesn’t want me to be there and I don’t like her.”

Since Alix and Albert’s story was published, we have been overwhelmed by readers sharing their creepy close encounters.

We thought we’d share them with you… if you’re game…

Alix Fiveash with her son Albert. Image supplied.

"This happened to us - my daughter has seen both her great grandfather and great grandma at around 2 or 3." Emma.

"When I was little I would speak to the spirit of my grandmother who I'd never met and passed away 8/9 years before I was born.." Sofi.

"It's easy to laugh unless you have experienced the unexplainable in a house. In despair we had our house exorcised, it did feel different but we sold and got out of there ASAP anyway. Very careful of any house I live in now." Di.

"My son (at about age 3) told me things about my father (who had been deceased for years before my son was born) he could not possibly have known. He would start sentences with 'Granddad says he's well and etc ....... ' etc. Impossible" Janelle.

"My son has told each of his aunties and uncles something about his Grandfather, who he never met before, who he refers to as Danny... but no-one told my son that his Grandfather's name was Daniel..." Lotus.

"My daughter has definitely seen my grandfather who passed away when I was 16. When she was about two-years-old she looked at a picture of him - she had never seen him before and I'd never mentioned him - and she said "Papa". That's what I called him, none of her grandparents are called that. Both her and her twin brother have also expressed fear about the 'funny man' in the lounge room - not sure who that might be, maybe it's my papa again! I have always believed in spirits but even more so after having these experiences." Emma.


"She looked at a picture of him...and she said 'Papa'". Image via iStock. 

"An 18 month old baby burnt to death in my parents laundry when we were away and the house was being rented out. We moved back in when I was in my late teens, the house now fully renovated and extended.

When I was pregnant with my first child I would feel very strange while sitting in my parents kitchen. The baby would get extremely active and I felt weird, foggy, overwhelmed and exhausted. I thought I heard a young child crying. The feeling would pass when I left the room.

Two weeks before my baby was due I was sitting having coffee with my mum and felt what seemed like something small patting the side of my tummy. There was nothing there but it persisted. I told my mum and she got upset, she had been hearing what sounded like a toddler crying in the pantry off and on for weeks.

I had forgotten what had happened there many years before. All the weird stuff stopped when I had my baby.

The pantry in my parents kitchen is exactly where the tiny laundry floor used to be." Pami.


"I thought I heard a young child crying." Image via iStock. 

"As soon as my child was able to talk she started saying there were people or a person on the stairs she was afraid of. For a few days she would continually point at the same spot on her bed saying an old man was there.

A neighbour's child watched her being chased down the hall terrified by something. This had happened more than once. She had violent night terrors which started to turn into self harm - at two years old! After my husband mentioned he'd heard footsteps at night when all were asleep we started taking it seriously.

I tried a few things like sage and crystals which seemed to make things worse so finally called our minister in to exorcise the house and we're still here and everything has calmed down." Stephanie.

Mamamia Confessions: The weirdest things our kids have done.

"We have recently moved from the house where we lived for about 19 years, a lovely family home filled with beautiful memories. My daughter now 20 during a recent conversation commented that while our new home is a very old sandstone one, it has no spirits in it.

When I asked her about it she said that one visited her bedroom at our other house least one night a week for as long as she can remember. It made it's presence felt by touching her hair, pressing down on her body firmly and/or making noises. She said she was never scared, but sometimes found it annoying and she would call out loudly, enough go away and it would.

This totally shocked me. When I asked her why she never said anything she said, she couldn't remember a time when it didn't happen, so it wasn't unusual to her and that it didn't frighten her." Guest.


Well, we weren't planning on sleeping tonight anyway...

Have you got any creepy ghost stories you'd like to share?

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