Holly shared a photo of her kids. Then a fan noticed something creepy in the background.

My favourite thing in the world is when people spot a ghost being somewhere it’s not meant to be.

Yes, you expect ghosts in creepy old mansions and cemeteries. Or making spooky sounds in an episode of Ghost Hunters. But ghosts aren’t meant to be casually… lurking in public places. It’s inappropriate and makes them seem kind of bored rather than scary.

But with more photos being taken than ever before, it’s only natural that people are spotting ghosts hanging out in broad daylight, just seeing what’s up, trying to be included, etc.

For example, this poor teenager who went on a fishing trip with her dad, and took an unsuspecting selfie, only to spot what can only be described as a smiling ghost man behind her.

Now, another ghost has chosen to haunt an otherwise non-scary scenario.

English TV presenter Holly Willoughby, who hosts This Morning, shared a photo on Monday of her three children playing in the snow in their backyard. The photo captures the snow falling and one of her son’s running excitedly, while the other appears to be staring at the brick wall.

Let it snow let it snow let it snow… ⛄️ Rainbow Bright and her snow patrol! @alexandalexacom ????????

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What is he staring at?

At first, the wall looks quite typical, with some Christmas lights hanging from the tree in front of it. But one of Willoughby’s 2.9 million followers spotted something unsettling, and left it in the comments section. “Anyone else noticed a face on the garden wall?” wrote milliebee22 – a question tantamount to asking someone swimming in the ocean, “hey, did you just see that big black thing?”


Indeed, there is a face on the wall, because if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that people in Instagram comments don’t lie.

LOOK CLOSELY. Image via Instagram.

Can you see the face? It looks like a very poised man sitting for a portrait, although other people have said it looks like a 'doll' so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Here's a closer look:

Umm hi what you doing? Image via Instagram.

Soon, a number of people started commenting on the photo, saying that they too could see the ghost face. "That is mad!!!!" read one comment. "How did you see it?!"

Yes, well, it is mad. Because ghosts don't belong in backyards with children. While it's snowing. And there is joy.

They belong in strictly creepy places, where their presence is expected but also feared.

Who knows where these overly confident ghosts will turn up next... the Golden Globes? A b-grade celebrity's Instagram story? The Kardashian's upcoming Christmas card?

Random appearances make ghosts seem lost, and it's hard to be scared of an entity that doesn't know where it is. It's embarrassing for them, and also sad.

So ghosts, pls. No more family photos.

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