Woman uses Google Street View to find fish and chips, stumbles upon ghost instead.

The Twittersphere has been sent into a frenzy overnight after an image of “ghostly figures” in the window of a “haunted” Liverpool pub was posted online.

If you’re a cynic, you’re most definitely rolling your eyes right now… but hear me out.

Captured by social media user “Lallana Experiment”, the image shows one helluva creepy face peering out from within The Stuart Hotel in the UK.

My cynical pals might be asking themselves: “Why on EARTH was Lallana even using Google Street View (AKA The Internet’s Most Useless Stalking Fad That You Use Once Then Don’t Ever Touch Again) in the first place?”

Great question, but the mysterious Lallana’s story checks out.

“I was looking on Google Street View to find a fish and chip shop in Walton, and I came across The Stuart Hotel,” the user posted alongside the picture.

“Something in the top left hand window caught my eye. It looks like a ghostly image of an evil-looking face.

“Look closely and it looks like it is breathing on the inside of the window.

“Next to the face is what looks like a man in a tuxedo and dickey bow.”

ghost photo
Yeah. Good luck trying to sleep tonight. (Image via Google Street View)

Don’t you just hate it when you go searching for some dinner and accidentally make a paranormal discovery instead?


At first I flat-out refused to believe this story is legit and not the result of photoshop but when I downloaded Google Street View I found it’s 100 percent true. There is a face in the window. You can go see for yourself.

Sure, this could merely be the remnants of a Halloween costume. It could be a cruel prank by the hotel owners. But according to “paranormal expert” Tom Slemen, it’s most likely just your run-of-the-mill haunted pub.

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“In 1897, the then landlord of the Stuart Hotel was a down-to-earth 41-year-old Wallasey man named Robinson Pemberton investigated a strange scratching noise in the cellar of the pub, and believed it was a rat, but then the noise became louder and was soon heard in neighbouring houses,” Slemen told The Mirror.

“Three days later the pub was shaken from top to bottom and the windows of the pub were left open in case the vibrations shattered the glass.

“The noise then stopped, but a drinker tapped three times on the walls of the pub one night – and received three knocks back.

“The noise in the cellar then kicked off again, as well as the sound of a distant bell, which was heard for a week.

“A priest from St Mary’s Church left a Bible in the cellar and the noise was never heard again.”

What do you think? Is this paranormal activity or a prank?